Friday, June 24, 2011

so excited about our Woodworking Classes!!!

,These kids are soooo cute! I was so excited because this week we got more girls that signed up for the classes.  Mainly its been boys (including mine) that are signed up for the classes.  The kids are looking at how the band saw works and inside the bottom where the wheel is located that makes it turn. 
This is little Kenna who is putting her tray together with a "dry fit" to make sure all the parts fit correctly before she glues everything together.  She is the youngest of our group this week and at 5 years old is doing a great job drawing her plans, sanding, and using the clamps. 
Next week I already have 4 kids signed up for the afternoon class, only a couple spots left for those who want to join us!

your custom cabinet girl 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

i hate maple toffee

Now maple is one of my most favorite woods to use in cabinetry but it is definitely not my favorite to finish.  Maple is a very hard wood so hard in fact that it is not easily penetrated by stain.  It doesn't have porous capabilities compared to cherry wood which soaks in stain. 

My little Jakob, aka "little mini Mr. Know-it-All took pictures of me in the finish shop while I was working on some wood tops. I had no idea he was taking pictures but its funny because it reminds me of how I was feeling that day, simply irritated. Here I am taking a sample over to the table to make sure it matches with the wood tops.
And of course, it does not.  I spent all day working on those wood tops.  First try I messed up the color had to strip and refinish all three wood tops.  And thinking like a business owner I am thinking it should NOT take this long to finish these wood tops and taking this much time is not making any money. Oh the joys of runnning a business......
your custom cabinet girl

Sunday, June 19, 2011

i so don't have it together, but i want too so bad!!!!

Did I ever tell you how I LOVE to have a clean house but it seems I rarely do?  It might have something to do with 3 boys who drop everything in their hands wherever they might be at the time.  How do I change that?  I lecture, I scream, I throw blankets, but no one takes me seriously.  They just giggle and say, "Mom you are so funny!"   

Did I ever mention that Mr. Know-it-All sees when I am overcommited and gives me a lecture?  Every stinkin' time too.  Probably not, because every time its a humbling experience for me and I don't want anyone to know I screwed up, even him.  I want to do things the right way the first time, and I intend to, but life and I am not so perfect and I get to learn through the consequences of my actions. 

I do need to ask for help more from Mr. Know-it-All, but shouldn't he know that I need help without me saying so in my whiney voice?  I'm just saying......... and Mr. Know-it-All needs to get himself on facebook so you can all tell him to. 

If you want to get in touch with him he is on Twitter @Greg2208.  You will see his profile picture is of him standing on what he calls "God's favorite place" the Star on the field of the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  Now I don't think he is dropping any trash just wherever in "God's favorite place."  Maybe we should tell him that our home is "God's favorite place" too!
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