Thursday, May 27, 2010

official first order!

It's my official orders!  Yea!  I have a lot of blocks to make. (Notice the inspirational drawings behind me)?  Courtesy of my 6 year old.

There has been a change though.  I am not shipping the wine bottle blocks directly to the Williams-Sonoma stores, so I am not sure which are the top stores and who all will be carrying them just yet.  

But don't you worry, I will find out and let you know.  And as soon as I know, you have to buy them up! 

love you all,
your custom cabinet girl                                                                                     


  1. yes yes...please do tell us! i have been checking constantly to see if you have posted yet. i have also been checking online. do you know if they are going to ever offer them online? i saw they have a ton of "new items" posted on their website...but no wine bottle blocks!!! :( monica