Monday, November 9, 2009

I came into the office today with great excitement! I sold two of our butcher blocks to a wonderful friend who owns the best coffee shop ever, and I got an email from a person who showcases custom builders on their website. They want to show my dad's blog and they say as many as 4000 visitors will come to our site per month.

I am so excited while driving to work and then skeptical. I think well, how much will this cost? I really want to look into it, because selling our custom cabinets excites me, and selling these special chopping blocks online makes it a new and different experience.

I am working here at my dad's desk this morning, because I had to update my client list and production schedule. It sounds too formal and yet it is anything but. The phone is ringing, people want to sell me things, talk to me, and they come in to visit. These are all distractions on a typical Monday.

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