Tuesday, February 2, 2016

so.......youre sayin' i have a chance..........

Do you remember the movie Dumb & Dumber when Lloyd asks Mary if he has a chance to be with her?  Mary says, "your chances are one in a million" and then Lloyd replies, "so you're sayin' I have a chance!"
I love that line. It just confirms that you can look at anything with your glass half full even when your glass only has a drop left in it because you still have a chance.  It might be a minute chance but its still a chance.  You must still believe.  I really do believe in second chances and I also believe in asking for the impossible because you never know what the answer could be...... until you ask.
Today I found out that "The Chew" received the cutting boards I sent and they love them and will be using them.  My dad suggested that I decide to be bold and ask if I could come on their show to talk about the boards and how fun they are to make and use while working in the kitchen.  I think its a long shot, my glass has a drop left in it, and I'm really reaching, but you know what?  That wonderful girl that works for "The Chew" said she would do what she can!  She said to keep doing what I'm doing because its awesome!  
I am grateful for the encouragement from New York City to little Lodi, California and I look forward to following up! 
your custom cabinet girl

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

the chew

Well I am up to more shenanigans, and this time might have worked........
Strategically, I have been trying to find professionals that I can connect with on LinkedIn that I might be able to do work for or with.  I found a really good one just before New Years! 
This wonderful person, has a very important role at "the chew" on ABC and I thought I would ask if she wanted to connect............and she did!!  And then I was bold enough to ask a favor, (and I say Bold because this is Bold to me),  to ask if I could give her some cutting boards for the cohosts to try out.  She answered my email! Yes she did people!  She answered it and her answer was, "yes, please send me your boards and the cohosts will have access to them and be able to try them out and possibly.......maybe possibly, they could use them on the show!
I thought I would make up 4 boards special for the show and then engrave them with "the chew" logo and hopefully they will be used and noticed.  Here I am with them..........
And here they are on the table......
I am so thankful for the opportunity for the cohosts to
use our boards and see how they like them, also, they might want to talk to me about my shenanigans that I pull on a regular basis.........hint hint......
your custom cabinet girl

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

my stanford story

So back in February 2015 I was minding my own business sitting at my desk and I got a phone call from a really nice lady from a contracting firm. She asked me if I would like to bid custom cabinetry for some custom houses they were building in Stanford.  Of course, I said "yes I do!" 
Well I hang up the phone and tell my dad I got a call to quote 68 custom homes for cabinets in Stanford.  He looked at me seriously and asked me how are we going to build all those cabinets ourselves?  I was thinking well, we just build them, its flippin' Stanford!! 
So I was sent over the plans (about 500 pages worth), which is another story in itself, and I started to look at them. My dad suggested that I bid the cabinets with the one brand of pre-fab cabinets we sell called Merillat Cabinetry.  I went back to the nice lady and asked if I could bid the job with Merillat cabinets instead of custom because we just didn't have the manpower to build 68 homes.  She said that would be great and that she liked what Merillat had to offer and that kicked off my 32 hour bidding process with me myself and I. 
...........Meanwhile Mr. Know-it-All tells me two things;
A) If I think this contracting company is going to pick me out of all the other bids that I should just keep on dreaming. 
B) They just need 10 bids and I am wasting my time.
I swear Mr. Know-it-All tells me this crap just to have me prove him wrong. 
And guess what?
I did prove him wrong.
I got the Freakin' job!!!!!
(Mr. Know-it-All then said, "I told you to bid that job because I knew you would get it.")
Oh, Yes I did. 
And I am so excited.  I get to put cabinetry in homes for Stanford faculty in Stanford, California!!!I am so grateful and this is going to be the most exciting learning experience ever!
And of course I am going to share about all my learning experiences on this job.
much love to you all for reading my crazy posts!
your custom cabinet girl 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

strategic marketing

Strategic marketing.  Its a fancy couple of words for saying I plan out my marketing strategy.  And for this girl who usually gets in there and tries to figure stuff out on her own, it means I have to set up a plan.  I can't just fly by the seat of my pants on this one. 
Dad is always telling me to make a list of to dos, check it off, stay on task.  I struggle with staying on task constantly because my mind wanders.  When I am working on a quote and someone calls and wants to talk about their cabinet project, or someone drops by to take a look at our work in the shop, and before you know it your day is gone and you didn't finish the first thing you were working on in the first place.  I love wearing the different hats and I hate wearing the different hats because sometimes I feel like it makes me so unfocused that I can't get anything done. 
So now I am going to try to focus as best as I can because in reality I really really like to be organized.  I am starting with doing the same thing every morning which is posting something about what is going on at the shop my twitter page @aprilmorse and also the facebook page Weber Company.  That way I can have some type of strategic marketing going.  This is a start and I hope I can continue to be consistent and successful with it. 
I was able to get some great new photos for our website of the new cutting boards we designed and they look so great! Check on the links below if you would like to purchase one. 
Hopefully I have some more marketing strategies that I can come up with to make my process more consistent. 
will blog soon,
your custom cabinet girl
"Le Carre Petit" means the square board and you can order it here: goo.gl/TrrrmT

"Le Council Petit" means the small board and you can purchase this one here: http://tinyurl.com/nzw26k4