Thursday, November 30, 2017

my 3 BFF's

In looking at my vision for Weber Company i have two goals;
1. to build and sell cutting boards and wood products across the globe
2. sell Merillat prefab cabinets (made in the US) to builders with subdivisions.
3. and to create custom cabinetry for remodels and new homes

So in an effort to create more jobs for myself and to make "friends"  i have this list on my cork board with 3 names of the people i need to make BFF's with.  i have called, emailed, emailed again, called and called again for good measure.  They are all men (which doesn't mean anything except that i rarely deal with women in this industry),  and each one could possibly help me with growing the business.  
The first BFF, (we'll call him J.S.).   I sent J.S. a cutting board with his company logo on it.  With an idea that i could convince him that he could sell my cutting boards on QVC.  Well you haven't seen me on QVC so you know how that has worked so far.  I think i called him too much because he never returned my calls, so i would wait the few days before i would call him again.....still no answer.  The last time i called it went straight to voicemail.  That means I'm blocked.  How's that for a BFF?  

Next is (S.K.).  Now i have been conversing with S.K. for the last 10 months.  I first met him back in the end of December, during the week of Christmas, (when no one wants to work), and took my time to quote for several buildings with a few hundred apartments.  This was exciting and i thought i might find out if i got the job in March......then it was April......then it was June......then i was told for sure July.....August.......September and now its November and i still don't know. But you know what i did find out?  That these finance/budget guys that get all the numbers for the project can be vague.  I was told i have the job, verbally but there is still no contract.  Another company could have been told the same thing, and they're still waiting on someone else to bid and bid lower than me.  I really just don't like the game because its dirty, brutal, and cutthroat and i am not familiar with any of those tactics because its not right.  But who am i anyway?

Then there is C-Dog.  He is very nice and wants me to bid every job he has but doesn't give me said job.  Its frustrating.  Following up sucks too because it just results in "we don't have an answer yet" or no response at all!
Can you believe that? No response, i guess they figure if they don't respond you will eventually leave them alone. It makes me feel sad.
 The big issue to me know when someone rejects you or your product you get that well of feelings up inside you and the crying starts and you can't help it.  Its supposed to be business but its personal. Every.Single.Time....
So i know Mr. Know-it-All doesn't want me to cry and/or even talk about crying when a rejection in business happens.  But i just can't help it.......really the water just comes into my eyes and starts flowing like a raging waterfall after the dam has been lifted up and you can do nothing to stop it.
I have no idea if i will grow out of it.  I don't want to cry, i don't want those feelings of  sadness to come on, but they just do. i am going to take an educated guess and say that this is life.
On a good note, i am thankful always thankful. I am thankful for a healthy family, thankful for the talent my dad has in creating awesome stuff with wood, and thankful for the support i get from Mr. Know-it-All, (even though he doesn't let me cry), my mom, and dad.  I do know that trying to get into something new like, selling cabinets to big builders and selling a lot of cutting boards online all takes time........and truthfully i guess I'm feeling impatient, and sometimes personally offended when they don't pick me, (or they say they picked me but they really didn't), or just when there's no response at all.  
But That's Ok. Jesus has my back.  Always. I was at an event the other day and the speaker talked about God's unconditional love for me and it hit me.....i am loved not just by people but by my creator.  And that makes me feel so good.
So if you are feeling down in the dumps, don't sweat it, (you can cry though), put on your big girl panties and get to it!
 your custom cabinet girl

Friday, October 20, 2017

amazon vs. etsy

Do you ever feel stuck?  Like you have been trying for the same result in many different ways yet you remain to get the exact same result no matter what you do?  Does it make you feel like reinventing yourself will make you have a different result only to get the same result........
Its like going in circles with no end.
Its not I must be learning..........
For the last 7 years I have been trying to figure out this internet sales thing.  Trying to get people to see my website and buy my products online.  It makes me feel like a failure.  Its really hard for me.  If I could just get someone to tell me I will fail at it, then I will do my best to prove them wrong.  It works every time.  So please, someone give me some criticism.
All the while, instead of searching how to do SEO work I invent ideas like, selling my product on QVC in order to gain recognition so people will go to my site and then..... well you know...
Don't get me wrong, I have not given up, I am just a little frustrated.  I think I am allowed to feel frustrated..............
my Grandma Weber told me how frustrated she was all the time, while I was jumping on the couch with a bag full of popcorn, laughing and screaming in her house.  She was a very patient lady. 
So back to my internet sales, I have been told for the last few years (by Mr. Know-it-All), to sell my boards on Amazon.  Everyone will buy them on Amazon he said....... You will have sales beyond belief he said......I will be able to quit my job and eat pizza all day he said.........
Well I put them on Amazon and well..... 
Amazon allows you to pay to put your product on the front page....  But...and its a big one... if you have not sold anything you can't put your product on the first page, not even the second page.  You have to sell an unidentified number of your products and get a huge amount of reviews on Amazon BEFORE you can PAY to put your products on one of the first pages. 
How in the H.E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! am I going to sell anything if no one can see it???
I paid Amazon 39.95 each month for three months while no one looked at my stuff and/or bought it and still was not allowed to advertise because I basically have no credibility (according to their policy). 
I have since cancelled my seller account and taken my boards off Amazon indefinitely.
Now to try ETSY.  I have been registered on ETSY since 2011 but have never really done anything.  I have just started to add my products onto my page and I am going to be promoting them on Etsy.  I think this will give us better exposure so people will be able to go to my website as well.  I have a lot of reading to do for the advertising part but I don't mind.  I love to read, not necessarily advertising stuff.......but I will try.  
Etsy seems to be a positive place to sell my products and its really user friendly.  If you want to visit our Etsy shop go to Etsy homepage and type in WeberCompany.  We are on there. 

So for the amazon vs. etsy lets see who wins!
Hopefully its me! :)
your custom cabinet girl

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

i'm just guessing......

 What is this you ask? 
Firstly, all I know is God brings me just the jobs I need, when I need them.  And all the while he brings along some really cool projects for some cool people. 
I was contacted by a company that makes metal boxes for the government.  They offer a metal box wrapped or displayed in wood. 

Obviously its wood so that's where I come in.....

The company, Vector Technologies found me on the internet and asked if we could do such a thing...... and of course I said, "yes I can!" 
The plans for these boxes were very complex with measurements to less than a 32nd.  Which is insane, but I knew my dad could build it.

And best of all these boxes are for top secret "secret" meetings!  Meaning, when people have a top secret meeting they need to put their cell phones in that metal box and shut the lid.  The cell phones are not detectable in the metal boxes.  I have no idea what is in the technology because that's not the wood part, but some type of white noise ensues in the box and tadahh no one can tap in on any conversations, special meetings, nothing. 
So this got me thinking.  Who would have such a meeting that works for the government and has to put their phone in a box because they're talking about top secret "secret" stuff? 
I am just guessing but it could be the President of the United States!! The President People!

My new friend at Vector Technologies doesn't even know who this box is for because the person is so high up.  So.......who do you think its for?

your custom cabinet girl (future secret box builder for the stars :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

will he find out i'm right?

Its entirely possible that I am wrong, but just go with me for a minute.
I called the rep for Corky's BBQ so many times that I think he blocked me.  True.Story.  I have never been blocked before and it is a new kind of rejection that feels weird.  I'm not crying, and I'm not sad, so I think I have entered into the phase of; "I don't care." Or maybe its just I'm delusional.  I thought and still think my boards would sell well on TV.  Do you??? If you don't, then don't tell me. I always say the most intelligent person said this phrase, "Ignorance is bliss." I have to keep trying.
Here I am with our "Bread" shaped boards in Walnut!
In all of History of selling on TV cutting boards have never sold well.  This is fact, and I want to change that.  I just have this gut feeling, I just know.....(you know when you know), that I could sell my boards and wood products on QVC and people would LOVE THEM!!!
So I have a new idea, what if I try to sell "bread shaped" toast boards with someone selling a toaster?  If toaster's are sold on TV?  I do not know but I am going to look that up now, and then propose it to my favorite buyer who hasn't blocked me yet. ;)
My gut is telling me another thing, when someone tells me I can't do something I  always say, "watch."  I hate it when I have to prove people wrong....sometimes I prove them right but this time I want to be right.
So....... what to do next with the BBQ thing?  I am not sure.
I do know that I am making a lot more custom cabinets and selling pre-fab cabinets to builders which is super exciting.  I get to measure all the jobs and when we put the cabinets in, they fit! That's a plus.  So that's my positive for today. 
I am looking forward to finding out how, and when, and what, I will do next. 
talk soon,
your custom cabinet girl